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I first met Shaeena after my first son was born. I was tired, unkempt and felt old... older than my actual age. Shaeena not only took the time to connect with me on a personal level as a mom, but styled my hair in a way that made me feel like my rested/pre-mom self again. Since then, she has been so willing to accommodate my schedule as a working parent, she’s even come to my house a few times. She’s so masterful at her craft that I never tell her how to cut my hair. I trust her enough to style and cut it the way she thinks would work for my face. I even went from medium length to a pixie cut and it was a hit.
— ML, Brooklyn, NY
Shaeena is the best hairdresser EVER, I can highly recommend her to anyone. Seriously, when I moved from New York to Germany in October 2012, I just wanted to take her with me. I met Shaeena about six years ago when she worked at the Joseph Tyler Salon in Ft. Greene, and I felt very comfortable with her right from the beginning. She is such a joy to be around, and is not just chattering away while cutting hair, but really listens to you as a person. I have always gotten a cut that I was very happy with and that I could maintain, and I’ve gotten many compliments for my hairstyle. With her skills and creative talent, Shaeena managed to vary my short hair cuts in so many ways that I never once in all those years got bored. Her cuts also looked good without needing to put in a ton of products and even the growing out part was never painful (which with short hair it usually is, believe me). After an appointment with Shaeena, I always left feeling like a million bucks, and I would surely still be her client today if not for my move abroad.
— Ines